Cheap Custom Stickers

How to Customize Good Quality and Cheap Stickers?

With more and more items on store shelves, many sticker manufacture are developing state-of-the-art inks and substrates, offering new ways to differentiate your products. From tactile inks to holographic reflections, find ways to make your product the most eye-catching item on the shelf. Let’s talk about how sellers can have cheap custom stickers to give your products more visual impact and brilliance!

Common sticker materials of cheap stickers custom: coated paper (matte/mirror), transparent PVC/PE/BOPP/PET, white PP/PE/PET, laser paper, kraft paper, brushed gold (silver), gold-plated paper, silver-plated paper, synthetic paper ( CPC/PP/HYL/Excellent tough paper/Pearl paper), aluminum foil paper, textured paper (for wine sticker), pearl film, light gold (silver) polyester, matte gold polyester.

Common sticker glue of custom stickers cheap: general super-adhesive type, general-purpose strong-adhesive type, strong-adhesive type for refrigerated food, general-purpose re-opening type, fiber re-opening type, food-specific type, all-weather special type, etc. Special stickering requirements can be customized glue.

Ordinary sticker backing paper of cheap custom stickers: white, blue, yellow glassine backing paper, transparent PET (for high-speed stickering), coated paper, etc. You can customize according to your needs.

Ordinary sticker printing of custom stickers cheap: size and shape can be customized, or provide sample design graphics for reference.

Ordinary surface treatment of cheap custom stickers: glossy film/sub-film, oiling, bronzing, etc.

Common characteristics of cheap custom stickers: stickers are waterproof, oil-proof, not easy to fall off, clear printing, bright color and not fading, smooth surface, uniform thickness, good gloss and flexibility.

The packaging of ordinary products is inseparable from the custom stickers cheap. Customized product self-adhesive stickers can reveal a lot of information to consumers, which will affect whether consumers buy the product. Therefore, the cheap custom stickers design must attract the attention of manufacturers. How to customize product stickers? First of all, we must be familiar with the characteristics of different ordinary product packaging, and fully grasp the technical requirements of sticker printing, in order to produce high-quality stickers.

Application field of cheap custom stickers

Packaging industry: mark stickers, postal parcels, letter packaging, transport goods stickers, envelope address stickers.

Commodity industry: price stickers, product description stickers, shelf stickers, barcode stickers, drug stickers.

Chemical industry: stickering of paint materials, stickering of gasoline engine oil product packaging and stickering of various special solvent products.

Electronic and electrical stickers for the electronic and electrical industry: There are many durable cheap custom stickers attached to various electrical appliances. These stickers have a large unit area and a large number. In addition, cheap custom stickers are also widely used as stickers for industrial products (computers, etc.), which also drives the demand for self-adhesive stickers.

Logistics stickers in the logistics industry: In recent years, the logistics industry is emerging, and modern logistics have more and more needs for variable information printing stickers, such as storage and transportation stickers, luggage stickers, supermarket stickers, etc.

Pharmaceutical stickers for the pharmaceutical industry: self-adhesive stickers have been increasingly used in pharmaceutical packaging. With the over-the-counter sales of over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers have paid more attention to pharmaceutical packaging, which will largely motivate pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Accelerate the transition from traditional stickers to self-adhesive stickers.
Self-adhesive cheap custom stickers are a kind of multi-purpose advertising material widely used in the advertising industry. It is the best combination with the instant sticker cutting plotter. The engraved products are widely used in light boxes, sign production (mounting), body advertising Production, permanent signs, signs, computer cutting patterns, window patterns, display panel production and many other aspects.

How Small Sellers Choose Their Product Stickers

How to choose the right cheap custom stickers for your product? Through the following points, you can correctly choose the right custom stickers cheap for your product.

1. When choosing a sticker material, first determine whether the adhesive required for the self-adhesive sticker you make is permanent or removable, whether it is one-time sticking or re-applying, and whether the product is dry to each other. Whether there are special requirements for the chemical properties of adhesive sticker adhesives, etc.

2. What material is the surface of the cheap custom stickers object? Whether it is wood, glass or plastic? Whether the surface is smooth or rough, these indicators determine what type of adhesive should be used.

3. The shape and strength of the cheap custom stickers object. Whether the sticker object is a plane or a curved surface, a large diameter or a small diameter, a single curved surface or a spherical surface. Whether the object is rigid or compressible? These indicators are directly related to the choice of face material and adhesive.

4. The use environment of cheap stickers custom. The use environment of the labeled items is outdoor or indoor, whether it is a high temperature environment or a low temperature environment, whether the use environment is corrosive, and whether it is dry or humid. Based on these metrics, matching facestocks and adhesives can be selected.

5. Whether the use of cheap custom stickers is manual labeling or automatic labeling. The labeling method of the cheap custom stickers can determine the type of sticker material, the type of ink and the printing method.

Then let’s take fresh fruit as an example to see how to choose the stickers of a specific product:

When we are in fresh markets such as supermarkets, we will find that every fruit and vegetable product has a price sticker attached to it. The fresh environment is generally humid, frozen, misty and greasy.
What type of cheap custom stickers do you need on fresh products such as vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc? Whether to choose waterproof sticker, oil-proof sticker, or frozen sticker.
We can choose according to the characteristics of vegetables, fruits and seafood. At least we need to use waterproof sticker paper for these food stickers, because the waterproof sticker paper has a waterproof function, which can effectively prevent the stickers from being blurred when exposed to water, or the cheap custom stickers paper is damaged.

Such as waterproof and oil-proof PET vegetable and fruit sticker paper

PET sticker paper is a kind of special material sticker paper, which has excellent characteristics such as waterproof and oil-proof, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, etc. It can effectively avoid the situation that the sticker paper is easily torn when exposed to water, and becomes blurred when exposed to oil.
1.For vegetable and fruit products, considering that the environment is mainly water, the use of PET material sticker paper can be given priority.
2. For fresh products, where the environment is oily? PET material sticker paper can also be considered.
So how do you choose cheap custom stickers for your products? It must be determined in combination with the characteristics of the product and the environment in which the product is transported and stored.

A Premium Sticker Seller that’s 33.3% Cheaper than Stickermule

Stickers have become an indispensable item in life. This is especially true for major companies that sell physical products. Our company needs to label products recently, and needs a lot of high-quality stickers. So I recently purchased stickers from various websites (including stickermule, makestickers, stickerapp and deersticker) for evaluation. Hope to find a sticker supplier with good quality and cheap custom stickers.

First of all, we need to know how to judge the quality of the custom stickers cheap produced by a company.
First look at the surface of the cheap custom stickers, the surface of cheap custom stickers is full of luster, uniform in color and fine in density.
Second, look at the details of the edge thickness of the cheap custom stickers adhesive. Choose the one with smooth and clean edges, no burrs, no damage, straight tangents, and even thickness.
Third, look at the adhesiveness. The adhesiveness of the cheap custom stickers determines the ease of peeling and the glue penetration of the end face of the material. It is necessary to choose the one with moderate adhesiveness as much as possible to ensure the correct amount of glue and silicon coating.
Fourth, check whether there are cracks on the cheap custom stickers. If the mechanical equipment is not accurate and sophisticated during processing, it is easy to leave cracks on the cheap custom stickers, but generally the cracks are very small and are bonded by the adhesive on the bottom surface. So if you don’t look carefully, you may not see it, you must pay attention.
Fifth, check whether the edge is smooth and not sticky, and the quality of the cheap custom stickers material with smooth, neat and non-adhesive edges is high.
Sixth, look at the exquisiteness of printing. Only high-quality raw materials, special equipment, and excellent processing can ensure the exquisiteness of printing.
Seventh, look at the price of printed matter. The lower the production efficiency, the higher the price. Because of its traditional printing methods and old equipment, it causes a lot of waste of raw materials and manpower.
Eighth, look at the service. A high-quality cheap stickers custom company will meet all the expectations of customers and gain the trust of every customer. Its efficiency is high, the order is delivered, and the service is simple and convenient.
Finally, look at the sticker printing range of cheap stickers custom companies. The larger the scale, the more advanced the equipment, the more professional the management, the more extensive the range of sticker printing it undertakes.

Taking the dumb silver sticker as an example, I follow the following method to compare the custom cheap stickers of various companies because I bought custom cheap dumb silver labels:
1. The sticker of the finished paper, inside the paper core, on the packaging bag of each roll of paper, outside the carton
2. The surface of the paper is clean without much dust
3. The margins of the paper are the same size
4. The spacing of the paper is the same size
5. Whether the die-cutting of the paper is divided into edge strips, and the side of the paper roll is clean

6. Do not have any embossing on the surface of the paper
7. Peel off a piece of paper and try to tear it off by hand to see if it is firm
8. Apply the sticker to clean coated paper and see if it can be easily torn off
9. Print the sticker, scratch it with the key

Generally speaking, the thicker the dumb silver sticker, the less blistering it will be. The labels are divided into five thicknesses: 25U, 50U, 75U, 100U, and 150U. Different thicknesses meet the needs of different products.
After comparison, the quality of these cheap stickers custom is good, but the deersticker really surprised me in terms of price. The price of deersticker is 33.3% cheaper than stickermule for the same size silver sticker, and the quality of the two is comparable. The service of deersticker is also very good, and the emails sent will be replied in time. We will consider future cooperation with deersticker .

Cheap Custom Stickers, is it Really Cheap?

Cheap custom stickers are very popular at the moment, so we need to know some precautions before custom stickers:
1. Clarify the purpose of cheap custom stickers

Labels processed from self-adhesive materials may be applied to various materials such as glass, metal, cardboard, and plastic. And plastics can be further divided into: polyvinyl chloride, high density polyethylene. Tests have shown that different decal surfaces have a large impact on performance. Therefore, when customizing stickers , you must decide which material of self-adhesive sticker paper to choose according to the sticking surface of your product.

2. Size of sticker paper

When you are not sure whether the size of the self-adhesive sticker paper is suitable, you must pay attention to the actual test to prevent the product from being ready but not being used.

3. Printing method and processing method of stickers custom

There are many printing methods and processing methods for self-adhesive label paper. Before determining the self-adhesive material, it should be tested under the same printing, processing and labeling conditions. Whether the self-adhesive sticker paper is used outdoors, under high temperature, humidity, or under light containing ultraviolet rays needs to be considered. The choice of final face paper depends on the printing method and customer needs.

After knowing these, go to choose a good cheap stickers custom business:

People will think that the cost of customization must be high when they hear customization, but this is not the case. There are many good cheap stickers custom manufacturers on the market, and the price of custom stickers is also very affordable when the demand is high. High-quality manufacturers can often meet the needs of enterprises that need to custom stickers cheap in multiple directions, and can provide customers with preferential prices and good services. Here’s a look at what quality and cheap stickers custom manufacturers can offer:

1. You can choose the right size sticker according to the product

Pay attention to the shape of the sticker paper that fits the product. If the product is a beverage in a cylindrical bottle or the diameter of the product is small, you can choose cheap custom stickers. Generally speaking, the size of the sticker is too large or too small, which is not conducive to the product to play its role, such as Anti-counterfeiting performance.

2. Custom stickers cheap with suitable materials can be selected according to requirements

The material of the cheap custom stickers should consider the material of the product. If the surface of the product is too smooth, the general material may not be able to be attached to the product. It is necessary to choose materials of other materials, and if the object to be attached has an irregular appearance, such as a spherical spherical surface, etc. For special appearances, careful consideration should be given to the selection of materials that can fit with the spherical surface without deformation.

3. You can select the corresponding cheap custom stickers according to the use environment

At the same time, it needs to be able to adapt to the same normal use environment as the product. For example, if the product needs to be used and stored under a certain temperature or humidity, the production of custom stickers should also have the same conditions of use.

4. You can choose the appropriate adhesive of cheap stickers custom

Generally, the surface of soft PVC sometimes oozes out, so it is necessary to select a suitable adhesive that can better match the product.

5.Improve brand credibility by good quality of custom stickers cheap

For example, the use of custom anti-counterfeiting stickers can effectively combat counterfeit and shoddy products, so that consumers can buy products of the company with confidence, so as to increase the sales of the company’s products.

6.Excellent service

High-quality cheap custom stickers suppliers often attach great importance to the after-sales service of the ordering company. They will communicate and cooperate with the company throughout the whole process, whether it is in corporate consultation or in the communication process of custom labels.