How to Customize Cheap Stickers for Your Meat Products?

To date, the sausage market has experienced fairly serious, strict competition. Therefore, the presence of such attractive custom stickers cheap on merchandise is particularly important.
Each type of meat product has certain quality and storage standards. Therefore, the labeling of sausages should take all aspects into account.

Features of Sausage Stickers:

The custom stickers cheap on the sausages are not only beautifully designed and novel, but also produced according to hygienic standards. Furthermore, it is considered important to maintain the original appearance of the product during transportation from the manufacturer to the consumer.
There are special requirements for the labeling of sausages with smooth casings. For example, high tolerance to high humidity. The design of the custom stickers cheap and the materials used should be coordinated in both texture and color.
Sausage on substrate or film is the most common method of packaging such products. Usually, in this case, the label is applied to the top with the help of compressed air. The smooth surface of the packaging ensures a clear arrangement of even large labels. The symmetry of the sticker is also important – this will make it possible to get bright and informative custom stickers cheap on the product.

Material to stick to sausage

As we said before, the production of labels for sausage products should take into account the storage conditions of the goods. Pictures can be applied to paper or film. For decoration, such as raw smoked sausage, there are cheap custom stickers made on metallized paper in various shapes.

Sausage cheap custom stickers design

If the design of the product packaging does not immediately attract the consumer’s interest, then his attention will turn to the competitor’s product. The main thing is to consider the expected reaction of potential buyers.
Cheap custom stickers control the quality when the main task is affordable stickers, and if the budget is sufficient, foil and metallized film are recommended. The main colors of the cheap custom stickers will be black, gold, silver, burgundy.
To emphasize the usability of the product, see Simple Design. Forgo sparkly and flashy fonts.
If you want to be mindful of the eco-friendliness of your product, use pastel shades. The most common in “eco” designs are white, green and brown. Pencil drawing, country house – this is a characteristic of “natural” design. Another confirmation of naturalness is the ingredients of the product. It is not recommended to hide it on the back of the sausage. Instead, it’s better to focus on it. In this case, it would be a great substitute for a marketing slogan.
If you want to decorate your products in a European style, use restrained tones, white backgrounds, and forgo excessive gloss. A large part of the sticker will be taken up by text – the sausage and the name of the manufacturer.

Print cheap stickers custom on sausages

The most common method for printing cheap stickers custom for almost any product is digital printing. In order to highlight your product and pay attention to its quality, post-press is recommended. It can represent several stages including painting, embossing, finishing, etc.
Embossing is becoming more and more famous and popular. It increases the volume of the image on the sticker. Mostly it’s used to highlight parts of text or images. Use of foil during congregation is not considered a prerequisite.
Lamination of cheap stickers custom for affordable sausages is recommended. In this case, a transparent film is glued to the stamp. This allows you to maximize the appearance of your product while increasing reliability and resistance to external influences.

Information on sausage cheap stickers custom

On product cheap custom stickers, manufacturers usually state:
Full name of the goods; The address and contact details of the manufacturing company; Product type; Quality; Date of manufacture; Storage terms and conditions; Full composition etc.
One of the main actions to take when choosing a sausage product is to read the sticker. Text must be understandable, easy to read, and legible. Manufacturers should not withhold information about products from consumers. A national standard is an identifier that goods meet all safety and quality requirements.

Types of sausage stickers:

Modern sausage stickers are made from a variety of materials and in a variety of ways. They are divided into cheap, standard and premium labels.
The materials of the cheap stickers custom are simple – economical and informative. To a greater extent, they are designed to perform informational functions.
Standard stickers are characterized by more complex designs. The sticker also has an advertising function in an attempt to arouse the interest of potential consumers.
Premium stickers include additional decorative elements such as gold printing or embossing. The functions of these tags are images.
When calculating the cost of stickers, various factors are considered: the size and shape of the sticker, the type and quantity of materials used, the circulation, the services of the designer, the timing of the order, etc.
The packaging of the goods must be unusual, attract attention and meet all rules and requirements.

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