New Ideas for Parenting – Clever Use of Stickers to Develop Intelligence

When my child was one and a half years old, we took her to an early morning trial class. After the class, the teacher asked him to choose a sticker and put it on his clothes. After a while, he would look at it again. I don’t know when it fell off.

When he was almost two years old, he became interested in cheap custom stickers. He mixed some cheap custom stickers games in the books he bought before, and he started to tear and stick them at will, on the ground, on the wall, on the notebook, etc., ignoring my instructions.

After he posted all the books with cheap custom stickers games at home, I found that she fell in love with cheap stickers custom. He began to listen to my guidance and stopped sticking randomly, so I bought a dozen cheap stickers custom books, Then I bought more than fifty sticker books.

So what are the benefits of stickers for children? According to my experience of sticking with him in the past few months, the summary is as follows:

1. Deepen children’s cognition of things and the concept of space and direction

In the beginning, she used the Miffy series of cheap stickers custom books. The set of books is well designed. Most of them are categories of common items in life, such as: birds, white clouds, and airplanes on the sky; flowers, trees, and grass on the ground. Wait, there is no specific rule for the position of the child, as long as the general range is correct.
From the very beginning, he posted at will within the prescribed range. The cheap custom stickers were slanted, some petals were facing down, and the tree was also facing down. I guided her by the side. After a few times, she began to care about everything she posted. Whether the spatial position and direction of the items are correct. Sometimes after tearing off one, she has to check it and change the direction before starting to paste it.

2. Exercise children’s fine hand skills

The child could not tear off the sticker very well at first, and needed my help. After sticking a few books with him, he began to try to tear it off by himself. He’s been fine after the last few practice sessions, and he knows how to save when he’s about to tear.
After posting that sort of categorization, I exchanged her a series of cheap stickers custom books for finding items.

3. Exercise children’s concentration

The custom stickers cheap that were torn off at the beginning were difficult to fit neatly. Simple stickers with outlines were fine. When the mouth, hands, and feet were to be aligned neatly, he would not be able to match the number at all. I told him it was okay. It’s been posted well.
After posting for a while, he began to ask for it to be neatly posted. Sometimes he didn’t post it properly. He had to tear it off and paste it again. Occasionally, he was a little impatient, and I would comfort him by the side.

Until now, he can tear off a sticker very well, and then find the corresponding item. Eighty or ninety percent of the sticker can be neatly pasted.
In fact, sticking custom stickers cheap is a thing that requires patience and concentration to complete well. Some children will feel annoyed that they can’t stick or tear them off. In addition, parents do not comfort and motivate emotionally. I don’t want to post it.
In fact, the interest of children in falling in love with cheap custom stickers books also made me realize that children understand the world according to their own developmental laws, and children can develop in all aspects in the activity of stickers.
In addition, this is also something that children can do with their parents. Only small and cheap custom stickers are needed to help children think through their brains, and they can also enjoy parent-child time by the way. I want to introduce this method to all parents.

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