How Small Sellers can Increase Customer Repurchase Rate

When small sellers choose products, we have repeatedly emphasized the need to differentiate their products. Obtaining reasonably differentiated products can allow us to stand out from many competing products, better meet the real needs of consumers, get more sales, and at the same time better protect ourselves. In fact, we can achieve product differentiation from multiple perspectives.

Below I will share how the product can be differentiated at low cost.

1. Product packaging, instructions, built-in sticker cards, etc.

Many sellers overlook the importance of packaging. The outer packaging with its own design style can enhance the goodwill of consumers, and it can also have the attributes of a gift and look more high-end, so as to appropriately increase the price.
① The packaging design should be simple and clear. Reflect what the product is and what the brand is in the outer packaging, which can be reached through the cheap custom stickers. On our large packaging boxes, we can put a large logo sticker; on our products, we can also design color styles on the custom stickers cheap to convey the purpose of our brand or provide customers with the needs and so on.
② Original design
Be sure to design your own unique packaging. Even if you don’t have so much money to spend on designing the packaging, at least the packaging is affixed with your own unique logo custom stickers cheap or special brand pattern cheap stickers custom, which is okay.
③ Pay attention to product picture display
For the packaging that you have carefully designed, if it is sold through online channels, it must be displayed in the picture.
④Pay attention to the color of the packaging
Adding the right color to the packaging is a crucial factor in packaging.
The choice of packaging color must be in line with the current fashion trend. For example, the previous black color was not suitable for food-related products, but the whole trend has changed recently, and people are more and more fond of black food packaging.
⑤ Try to make the outer packaging use rich colors
As mentioned in the previous article, color is very important in packaging, especially if you are selling pets or baby products, warm colors with rich colors will give consumers a great impression
⑥ Product ingredient stickers
If your product has good raw materials, especially if it contains elements like organic cotton and linen, it must be displayed in the product packaging. These elements can then be displayed through the ingredient custom cheap stickers. If you feel that the ingredient sticker is not obvious, you can also display it through the product front cheap custom stickers or neck custom sticker.

2. Built-in stickers or small cards.

Regarding the built-in product cheap stickers custom, it can be a self-adhesive with a lot of stickers that can be peeled off; it can also be a unique logo sticker. Regarding the benefits of this logo sticker, Apple has done it very successfully. Generally, the cost of such stickers is very low. There are so many cheap custom stickers on the market. You can compare the quality of the major service providers or buy some cheap custom stickers to choose stickers for your own products. You will find that there are still many manufacturers who will provide you with cheap custom stickers with good quality. Cheap stickers custom: if it is a logo sticker, it is recommended to prefer a clear or translucent frosted sticker. The cheap custom stickers look premium.

3. After-sales book

Regarding the built-in after-sales book, most consumers will think that sellers with after-sales cards are more professional and careful. After-sales books have greater sincerity to solve users’ problems in products and other aspects. In this way, the buyer’s favorability toward the seller will increase, and they are more willing to suspend the restlessness of negative reviews when encountering problems, and solve the problem through communication.

4. Useful small gifts

Many consumers are very fond of receiving extra gifts. However, the use and quality of gifts must not be taken lightly, otherwise it will bring bad results.

5. Instructions

The manual will be better if the instructions can be printed in the same style as the packaging.

6. Add a new design language

The content of this part stems from looking at the evaluations of competitors who sell the same product, to see what customers care about, and then add new design language to the product, including but not limited to color (such as the actual object does not match the picture), material, size, shape, etc.

7. Buy a competitor’s product

We can exploit our strengths and circumvent weaknesses by analyzing our competitors’ products.
After getting the real product, you can actually see where the consumers are not satisfied and where the competing products are excellent. This allows for more targeted differentiation.
In short, the details determine success or failure. As long as the product differentiation is implemented well. Small sellers who control these details will win the hearts of customers.

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