How Small Sellers Choose Their Product Stickers

How to choose the right cheap custom stickers for your product? Through the following points, you can correctly choose the right custom stickers cheap for your product.

1. When choosing a sticker material, first determine whether the adhesive required for the self-adhesive sticker you make is permanent or removable, whether it is one-time sticking or re-applying, and whether the product is dry to each other. Whether there are special requirements for the chemical properties of adhesive sticker adhesives, etc.

2. What material is the surface of the cheap custom stickers object? Whether it is wood, glass or plastic? Whether the surface is smooth or rough, these indicators determine what type of adhesive should be used.

3. The shape and strength of the cheap custom stickers object. Whether the sticker object is a plane or a curved surface, a large diameter or a small diameter, a single curved surface or a spherical surface. Whether the object is rigid or compressible? These indicators are directly related to the choice of face material and adhesive.

4. The use environment of cheap stickers custom. The use environment of the labeled items is outdoor or indoor, whether it is a high temperature environment or a low temperature environment, whether the use environment is corrosive, and whether it is dry or humid. Based on these metrics, matching facestocks and adhesives can be selected.

5. Whether the use of cheap custom stickers is manual labeling or automatic labeling. The labeling method of the cheap custom stickers can determine the type of sticker material, the type of ink and the printing method.

Then let’s take fresh fruit as an example to see how to choose the stickers of a specific product:

When we are in fresh markets such as supermarkets, we will find that every fruit and vegetable product has a price sticker attached to it. The fresh environment is generally humid, frozen, misty and greasy.
What type of cheap custom stickers do you need on fresh products such as vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc? Whether to choose waterproof sticker, oil-proof sticker, or frozen sticker.
We can choose according to the characteristics of vegetables, fruits and seafood. At least we need to use waterproof sticker paper for these food stickers, because the waterproof sticker paper has a waterproof function, which can effectively prevent the stickers from being blurred when exposed to water, or the cheap custom stickers paper is damaged.

Such as waterproof and oil-proof PET vegetable and fruit sticker paper

PET sticker paper is a kind of special material sticker paper, which has excellent characteristics such as waterproof and oil-proof, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, etc. It can effectively avoid the situation that the sticker paper is easily torn when exposed to water, and becomes blurred when exposed to oil.
1.For vegetable and fruit products, considering that the environment is mainly water, the use of PET material sticker paper can be given priority.
2. For fresh products, where the environment is oily? PET material sticker paper can also be considered.
So how do you choose cheap custom stickers for your products? It must be determined in combination with the characteristics of the product and the environment in which the product is transported and stored.

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