A Premium Sticker Seller that’s 33.3% Cheaper than Stickermule

Stickers have become an indispensable item in life. This is especially true for major companies that sell physical products. Our company needs to label products recently, and needs a lot of high-quality stickers. So I recently purchased stickers from various websites (including stickermule, makestickers, stickerapp and deersticker) for evaluation. Hope to find a sticker supplier with good quality and cheap custom stickers.

First of all, we need to know how to judge the quality of the custom stickers cheap produced by a company.
First look at the surface of the cheap custom stickers, the surface of cheap custom stickers is full of luster, uniform in color and fine in density.
Second, look at the details of the edge thickness of the cheap custom stickers adhesive. Choose the one with smooth and clean edges, no burrs, no damage, straight tangents, and even thickness.
Third, look at the adhesiveness. The adhesiveness of the cheap custom stickers determines the ease of peeling and the glue penetration of the end face of the material. It is necessary to choose the one with moderate adhesiveness as much as possible to ensure the correct amount of glue and silicon coating.
Fourth, check whether there are cracks on the cheap custom stickers. If the mechanical equipment is not accurate and sophisticated during processing, it is easy to leave cracks on the cheap custom stickers, but generally the cracks are very small and are bonded by the adhesive on the bottom surface. So if you don’t look carefully, you may not see it, you must pay attention.
Fifth, check whether the edge is smooth and not sticky, and the quality of the cheap custom stickers material with smooth, neat and non-adhesive edges is high.
Sixth, look at the exquisiteness of printing. Only high-quality raw materials, special equipment, and excellent processing can ensure the exquisiteness of printing.
Seventh, look at the price of printed matter. The lower the production efficiency, the higher the price. Because of its traditional printing methods and old equipment, it causes a lot of waste of raw materials and manpower.
Eighth, look at the service. A high-quality cheap stickers custom company will meet all the expectations of customers and gain the trust of every customer. Its efficiency is high, the order is delivered, and the service is simple and convenient.
Finally, look at the sticker printing range of cheap stickers custom companies. The larger the scale, the more advanced the equipment, the more professional the management, the more extensive the range of sticker printing it undertakes.

Taking the dumb silver sticker as an example, I follow the following method to compare the custom cheap stickers of various companies because I bought custom cheap dumb silver labels:
1. The sticker of the finished paper, inside the paper core, on the packaging bag of each roll of paper, outside the carton
2. The surface of the paper is clean without much dust
3. The margins of the paper are the same size
4. The spacing of the paper is the same size
5. Whether the die-cutting of the paper is divided into edge strips, and the side of the paper roll is clean

6. Do not have any embossing on the surface of the paper
7. Peel off a piece of paper and try to tear it off by hand to see if it is firm
8. Apply the sticker to clean coated paper and see if it can be easily torn off
9. Print the sticker, scratch it with the key

Generally speaking, the thicker the dumb silver sticker, the less blistering it will be. The labels are divided into five thicknesses: 25U, 50U, 75U, 100U, and 150U. Different thicknesses meet the needs of different products.
After comparison, the quality of these cheap stickers custom is good, but the deersticker really surprised me in terms of price. The price of deersticker is 33.3% cheaper than stickermule for the same size silver sticker, and the quality of the two is comparable. The service of deersticker is also very good, and the emails sent will be replied in time. We will consider future cooperation with deersticker .

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